Are Handsome Men More Attractive to Women?

If you have surfed through dating websites regularly, you will come across many “pick up artist gurus” telling you that women do not give a damn about a man’s physical appearance and looks? They are not attracted to good looking handsome men per se but through their personalities. Do you believe that?

Well, to me looks do not matter much to women if you are talking about long term relationships that have already been well established. However, when it comes to meeting women for the first time, then good looks and good physical impressions certainly counts a heck of a lot for that sparkling mutual attraction!

You see, during this first encounter between a man and a woman, both parties place exactly the same amount of influence on the looks of each other. This is only naturally so.

I mean, if you are in the vicinity of girls, your attention will certainly be drawn to the hottest or the best looking girl there, won’t you? So the less attractive girls will usually be more of an after thought to you, wouldn’t they?

Believe it or not, the same goes for women and be warned, if you are meeting a girl for the first time, she will definitely care about the way you look. I mean, after all, the girl do not know anything about you or your personality since both of you have just met, it naturally goes on to say that the only thing that you can impress her and get her wanting to know you more is your looks and appearance, isn’t it?

Now this will mean that both men and women use looks as an initial means of evaluating each other and size each other up. What else can you do to gauge each other then? This is indisputable at this point in time during the first meeting. After all, this is a subconscious process that happens every time you or she is meeting someone new.

Okay, to be fair to others who say that girls are not attracted by good looks and good impressions because once the girls get to know you better, they will be less influenced by your looks and start to notice your personality and whether you have that X factor.

This is thus why most average looking guys fail to get past the first stage of being acquainted with women well enough until looks do not play a dominant factor anymore in female attraction. So for most of us, the irony is that we just can’t simply get past that “first impression” with women if we aren’t that good looking!

Hey, if you agree with me earlier, you will know that a girl judges you based on the way you look and then whoosh, most of the time she is not keen because she has already had many better looking guys drooling over her and she knows that particularly if she is a beautiful girl. She simply has too many good cherries to pick when it comes to guys. Simple law of supply and demand.

Put it this way, if you are standing in line at a grocery store and a beautiful girl is ahead of you in the checkout line and you’ve got only a minute to talk to her, how on earth can you possibly show her that you are a fabulous guy and that you can be the best boyfriend in the world? She is certainly not going to give you the time or any chance at all if she does not at least find you to be at least mildly attractive or somewhat handsome, wouldn’t she?

On the other hand, guys tend to continue to place a lot of emphasis on how a woman looks even after they get to know her well. Guys like to be with hot chicks, as simple as that. Women are much more likely to date a not so good looking guy if she already knows him well and loves his personality. But you can rarely find good looking guys dating not so attractive women unless they want something else from them.

The bottom line is this, you don’t have to have a handsome movie star looks or be a mesmerizing handsome hunk to have the initial attraction with women. Women are realistic too. You only need to be somewhat good looking so that you can get past the first encounter for the chance to show your great personality. If you can get past that stage, she will stop caring how you look all that much.

If you are an average Joe, don’t worry guys, all is not lost. I am sure you have seen those makeover photographs, right? You have seen how those people can groom themselves so well until their looks are totally transformed, haven’t you? Well, do what they did!

If you are overweight, lose weight and if you are underweight, go to the gym and put on some muscles. Change your wardrobe with more fashionable clothing and accessories. Visit your local aesthetician to clear up the blemishes or pigmentation on your face and so on and so forth. There are simply many things which you can do to become good looking, handsome and attractive to get past the first hurdle with women! Just do it!

How Can I Make a Guy Pay a Lot of Attention Towards Me? Here Are the Tricks Which Work Real Well

You may be the world’s most beautiful woman but if you fail to make your biggest crush notice you, don’t you just feel that you’re beauty seems worthless? Do you also feel that life is so unfair since some plain-looking women get to snag the best guys in the world? Well, despair no more, here are 7 great solutions to your dilemma:

Look Good
Fashion magazines and self-help books can’t stress enough how important looking good really is in attracting a man’s attention. Time and again, women are told that men are visual creatures so their very nature dictates that they must appreciate physical beauty. ‘Want him to look your way? Then look your best all the time!

Smile at Him
Come on, it’s not that hard to show those dimples, right? Show him your best smile and he will definitely feel the warmth of your personality and this would also help him feel at ease. Your smile is the biggest indicator that you’re an approachable person so don’t scare him away with a scowl!

Be Yourself
You can put your best foot forward but never pretend as someone that you’re totally not! A guy who’s being lied to from the onset would feel betrayed, so shun away from pretensions. Instead, show him your best qualities and surely, he will appreciate you for who you are.

Be Approachable
Remember that smiling is just the first step to being approachable. After showing him your pearly whites, it’s time to signal that you’re not an intimidating person. Prove to him that you may be a strong-willed and confident woman but you can be easily approached as well. Be fun to be with-people are drawn to you when you have an aura of happiness about you.

Be Where He Is
If you want a handsome guy to notice you back, then you must first be there at the places where he hangs out. How could he become more familiar with your presence if you’re not there in the first place? Check out what places he frequents and schedule that you appear there every now and then.

Practice the Art of Flirting
If you badly want the attention of a certain guy, then you must learn to play coy, laugh that cute laugh, and touch in a way that says you like him yet you don’t want to go to bed immediately. Show your feminine side and your target will immediately sense that you’re worth the chase.

Show Real Interest
Let’s say the guy approached you and you started having conversation, what now? The next step to let him remain interested in you is to show that you’re listening to him and that you have a deep interest in what he has to say. Give him 100% of your attention and you will be rewarded.

How To Get A Guy: 5 Secrets

Even if you are tired of dating, try not to give up. There is someone out there just for you. However, if you’ve been trying to figure out how to get a guy, and you still haven’t had any luck, these five secrets will help you understand what you are doing wrong, and how you can do it right.

Secret #1: Believe that dating is fun!

A lot of women take dating too seriously. While your goal is to find a life partner, you don’t have to express this within one minute of the initial contact with a hot guy. Seriously, would you want a guy asking you how much you weighed within the first minute of conversation? For just a few minutes, stop worrying about your precious fairytale, and start having fun!

Secret #2: Look Good

When you’re looking for a date, remember to look your best. However, try not to experiment with new looks that don’t fit you. Being comfortable in what you’re wearing creates confidence in dating. Being over the top or playing it safe could ruin your chances of getting a guy. In other words, while in a normal dating scene, avoid stripper heels and formal gowns.

Secret # 3: Exercise

Not only will exercising improve your physique, but it will also relieve the stress and frustration you have about dating. If you find yourself anxious for the date, stop by the gym after work to let off some endorphins. If you’ve been eating your loneliness away, stop! It’s time to get back into shape.

Secret #4: Pick the right location.

If you’re wondering how to get a guy while sitting in a bar with drunk perverts and fifty pool tables; then no wonder you’re so miserable. Start getting into the events happening in your area. Perhaps you can even go to a nice dinner alone. Start doing things that you enjoy doing. Chances are, you’ll find someone who enjoys doing the same thing.

Secret #5: Be open.

Lets just face it; your “Mr. Right” may not look as though he stepped out of a magazine cover. However, if you want to know how to get a guy, you must be able to see past the exterior person. Would you rather have a ‘cute’ guy who treats you like a queen, or a ‘handsome’ guy who treats you as if you’re not his only option? Don’t be so intent on going after the hottest guy in the room. Simply take interest in others who may be a little less attractive, but worth every encounter.